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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is as crucial to the success of a website as the location is to the success of a brick and mortar business.

Without an effective SEO campaign, no one will never find your website in the digital jungle. That’s why companies that need SEO in Perth trust Smart-Ways. We have a proven track record of success that others simply can’t match.


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Why First-Rate SEO Perth Matters

93% of web surfers begin their Internet experience with a search and the vast majority of them use Google.

However, there are only 10 organic results on page one of Google’s search results while there are more than a billion websites out there. Since less than 10% of web surfers ever navigate past the first page of search results the importance of having your website appear at or near the top of page one soon becomes apparent. How do you make that happen? SEO.

From Lost to Found

As the most-trusted Perth SEO company, we understand how crucial it is that customers can find your website. we also providing SEO services to Melbourne Residents.

If you own a brick and mortar business the thing that matters most after your product is your location. You need to be where the customers are. In the same sense, SEO makes sure your website winds up in the only digital location that matters: page one of search engine results. Because that’s where the customers are.


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What our SEO Perth Experts Do For You

An effective web presence is more than just a new website with all the bells and whistles.When you partner with Smart-Ways SEO Perth the first thing we’ll do is conduct a comprehensive audit of your web presence. We’ll go through your website with a fine tooth digital comb to determine what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll look at your social media presence as well (if you have one) and devise a strategy that plays to your strengths and generates maximum engagement.
How many times have you followed a promising link only to find copy that seems like it was written by an alien?Bad grammar, misspellings and poorly presented information will turn visitors away in a matter of seconds, negating all the work the SEO company in Perth did to bring them there in the first place. At Smart-Ways we employ highly-qualified Australian copywriters who know how to convey ideas and information in a clear, concise manner. As a result, visitors will become customers.
When you partner with Smart-Ways Marketing you’ll be able to track your website’s progress on a daily basis.It’s often the case that busy clients don’t have time to sit down and study all the technical aspects of an SEO campaign. Nonetheless, they still want to know if that campaign is working. At Smart-Ways SEO in Perth we employ a service called Proranktracker that allows our clients to log in and check their pagerank whenever they like. In addition, we email comprehensive progress reports to them twice a month which they can study at their leisure.
There are now 1.5 billion people with Facebook accounts. How are you going to reach them?As more people come online fewer are utilizing the Internet in what could be called the “traditional” way. Instead, they head straight for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Line or any of a hundred other social media outlets. The SEO campaign we devise for you includes subtle but effective methods for engaging these niche Internet users and driving them to your site to become conversions.
Some “SEO experts” are really just self-promoters who enlist hired guns to do the actual work. Not Smart-Ways. Everything we do is done inhouse by our dedicated staff of true SEO Perth experts.When it comes to something as important as search engine optimization you need one thing from your Perth SEO company: accountability. With Smart-Ways you get it because everything we do we do ourselves. Some companies are little more than fronts for freelancers. As a result you’ll need good luck finding someone to take responsibility for problems. Smart-Ways SEO Perth on the other hand is the real thing. Every aspect of your SEO campaign is handled inhouse so there’s no passing the buck.
Getting your website onto page one of Google’s search results isn’t easy, which is why you’ll find more than one SEO “expert” in Perth that resorts to “black hat” methods like paid links, spam comments and cloaking.These methods will sometimes produce a short term bump in pagerank. But once Google discovers the subterfuge (and they will) your site will be banished to the nether regions of cyberspace. The hope of companies that practice Black Hat techniques is that your cheque will clear before their deception is unmasked. At Smart-Ways Perth, SEO is always practiced in accordance with established search engine guidelines.
The bottom line effect of an SEO campaign from Smart-Ways will be increased sales.As social media engagement picks up and other aspects of the campaign begin to elevate your pagerank you’re likely to experience an increase in business you didn’t think possible. These new customers will also become valuable promoters of your product or service as they tell their friends who tell their friends and so on… The ROI you experience from your website will go through the roof as your once lonely Internet outpost becomes a dynamic conversion engine.

High Tech with a Human Touch

The Information Superhighway can be “The Road to Riches” or “The Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. Which one it is for you will depend on which Perth SEO company you choose.

At Smart-Ways SEO Perth we understand SEO can be intimidating and strive on a daily basis to humanize the experience by giving you real-world examples of how our product works and how it can benefit your business. Our SEO services in Perth revolve around customer care so don’t be afraid to ask questions or raise concerns. We’re the top SEO consultant in Perth for a reason. Give us a call.