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Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of SEO Melbourne is no easy task. What worked yesterday is passé today and what will put you over the top tomorrow hasn’t been imagined yet. To stay relevant in today’s global marketplace – that is: to make sure your website isn’t lost in the jungle of the world’s 1 BILLION other websites – you need a company on your side that eats, sleeps and breathes Search Engine Optimization. In Melbourne and beyond that company is Smart-Ways.



The Serious Business of SEO Melbourne

SEO is no joke. The difference between thriving in today’s business environment and languishing is often dictated by where your website ranks with search engine giants like Google. Companies that rank first in Google’s organic search results get a whopping 33% of traffic for that search term. For 2nd place that drops to 18% and by the time you reach the bottom of page 1 you’re looking at about 5% of traffic that will click through. These numbers indicate without a doubt the importance of a high-quality SEO campaign and when you hire Smart-Ways SEO Melbourne that’s exactly what you get.

You’re in Good Hands

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SEO Melbourne: Leading the Way

When you entrust your SEO needs to Smart-Ways you can rest assured you’re in good hands. We strive continuously to stay on top of recent industry trends and developments and integrate the newest and most effective techniques into every campaign we organize. You’ll never have to worry that your SEO efforts are being built around outdated or ineffective methods and procedures. Every one of our SEO Melbourne specialists undergoes continual upgrading of their skill set so that nothing that might provide you a competitive advantage is ever overlooked. Before hire, any SEO experts in Adelaide, just book our consultation.

Initial Assessment

No good can come from an SEO campaign unless time is taken to lay a solid foundation. To do that we need to sit down with you and learn something about your company, your background, your products and services and your long term goals. We also conduct comprehensive market research on your business sector which includes analyzing the competition and their relative strengths and weaknesses. With that information firmly in hand, we can then begin to formulate a relevant and efficient strategy of optimization that will focus on delivering awareness of your brand to your target demographic and elevating your Google page rank to a position that will pay handsome dividends.


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What We Will Do For You?

Some companies offering SEO Services in Melbourne treat you like an afterthought. We treat you like a partner. We make sure we establish precise and dependable lines of communication with each and every client from day 1, and we remain accessible throughout the entire process from planning through implementation and, of course, follow-up. The ultimate goal, after all, is to devise a strategy that takes you where you want to go, not where we think you should be. We provide you the tools you need to track your success and the information you need to make sense of the results.
Keywords have been part of the SEO toolkit since the business was invented 20 years ago. In that time, however, the way keywords are chosen and implemented has changed fairly dramatically. In the days of yore, you picked a gaggle of words that may or may not have had something to do with your products and services and stuffed them into the Meta tags of your website’s HTML. Today things are a little different. Choosing effective keywords today is a bit of science that involves both individual words that are likely to deliver volume and what are known as “longtail keyword phrases” that will deliver your content to a specific demographic. Any effective Melbourne SEO campaign will utilize a carefully selected combination of both.
Speaking of HTML; at Smart-Ways Seo Melbourne we also conduct an inspection of your website’s HTML coding and effect any necessary changes. Among other things, sloppily written or simply unnecessary code can have a negative effect on the speed with which your pages load: a key factor in determining the success of your website since the average web surfer will only allot 8 seconds for a page to load before they’ll give up and move on to something else.
Beyond analysing your website’s HTML code we’ll also do a thorough analysis of your current website structure, repair any broken links, replace or simply remove any obsolete pages and optimize the overall architecture to ensure it can be properly indexed by the bots that continually crawl the web. The goal is to transform your website from its current moribund status into a dynamic platform for the delivery of exciting, relevant, high-quality content.
Once we’re confident your website is loading quickly and is structured in the kind of clear, logical manner Google loves to see, the next step is to populate it with content that will attract your target demographic. Ah, but who has time to continually create lucid, high-quality content for a website when you have a business to run? We do. As part of your overall SEO Melbourne strategy, we’ll implement regular content upgrades that may include the creation and maintenance of a blog where visitors can learn more about what you do and how it affects their life in a positive way. Regular, high-quality content updates are one of the best ways to catch Google’s attention and shoot up their page rankings.
The biggest change to the SEO landscape in recent years has been driven by the rise of social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and more have not only changed the way people experience the Internet, but changed the way traffic is driven to your website as well. Making sure your main website is supported by a robust social media presence is crucial to staying relevant to an emerging generation of consumers who have almost no experience surfing the web via a traditional browser.
Link building is an SEO technique that dates back to the beginnings of the industry but doesn’t get much press these days. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. All major search engines still factor the number and quality of your website’s external links into their rankings. (They’re also more than willing to penalize a website that uses blackhat techniques like ‘link farms’.) We’ll make sure all link building activities are above board and will produce the desired affirmative recognition from search engines.

Why Should You Choose Smart-Ways SEO Melbourne for Your Business?

First and foremost because Smart-Ways SEO Melbourne will get results. You’ll see a noticeable uptick in traffic to your website along with an attendant uptick in conversions, referrals, product visibility and interaction by consumers between your website and social media pages. You may be shocked by the degree to which information about your product or service is shared via social media and the power of the “like” to drive not only traffic but conversions. Most of all you’ll see your website’s page rank rise which will be the driving force behind a more profitable business.