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10 Best SEO Companies & Services – Reviews for 2021

Almost all the SEO companies on the Internet claim to be the best one. As per an estimate, the total worth of the SEO industry is valued over $65 billion.

SEO has become the new trend and need of the hour to be in competition. Every business owner is eager to rank at the top of google searches, drive more traffic and generate leads.

You’ll find countless SEO companies online that’s quite confusing. Thus making it hard for you to make a choice. So, the question arises :

  • How do I know which SEO company is best to work with?
  • How to filter audited SEO companies?
  • How to find a top SEO company that doesn’t require ads to rank organically?

Well, we have the answers to all your questions! Our experts have shortlisted Top 10 SEO companies that you can trust blindly to work with.

To see the actual proof, you can check the reviews and ratings of these sites on google. These Top 10 SEO companies have proven records of delivering 100% results for real business.

Let’s dive in to know more!

The #10 Top SEO Companies in The World

#1. Voice SEO- The Best SEO company for Voice Search

Top SEO Companies in The World - #1 Voice SEO

Ranked at #1 position by top SEOs. They have been named as voice SEO company for a reason. This company follows the trend of voice searches instead of typing words on search engines. They focus on how people commands while speaking on Siri, Alexa or Google.

Over 30% of smartphone users prefer voice searches over typing. Another survey revealed that 50% of voice searches in 2020 were voice-based. This SEO company optimize your website for voice improving your visibility on the top.

So, focussing on the latest trends, it’s the right time to optimize the websites for voice searches to drive more traffic and hence better leads. It has become an essential part of SEO.

  1. They offer Voice search engine optimization.
  2. Voice SEO is the best voice marketing platform to rank higher in SERPs.
  3. Innovative & future-ready strategies to bring 100% satisfactory results.
  4. Google Assistant, Alexa and SIRI SEO services.

#2. ReachLocal- Recommended for Local SEO

#2. ReachLocal- Recommended for Local SEO

Looking for the best local SEO company? Well, ReachLocal is the solution! Established in 2004, the SEO experts at ReachLocal has driven about 200 million local deals for 19,000 clients across the world.

ReachLocal provides strategic local SEO ideas for your business niche. This certified company is operating offices in 5 continents in partnership with Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo and Facebook.

  • ReachLocal is a certified google premier partner.
  • The smartest platform to target local customers.
  • It offers exclusive local SEO strategies and plans.
  • The experiences, high-value partnerships speak for themselves.
  • They have been rated 4.5/5 by happy customers.

#3. Mayple- Top Vetted Market Experts

#3. Mayple- Top Vetted Market ExpertsThe best user-friendly and mobile-friendly site that provides the perfect SEO experts to handle your business project. Maple is among the top 1% leading marketers worldwide. They will help your e-Commerce to grow with a better ROI.

The company is based in Melbourne with 10-50 employees. They charge $25-$49 per hour. hourly rate The SEO services are affordable and customizable packages are available as per your business needs. They follow the latest SEO trends and advanced technology to meet your business goals.

Mayple is the perfect combination of businesses and experts. They know how to handle your business challenges to bring you at the top position in SERPs.

  • 30-days cash back guaranteed.
  • Affordable packages starting at $1200/- per month.
  • Vetted SEO experts selected based on real marketing results.
  • Unbiased monitoring for optimal results.
  • Customized digital marketing solutions for your business growth.

#4. Smartways Marketing- The best SEO company in Australia

#4. Smartways Marketing- The best SEO company in Australia

Smartways is a leading digital marketing company that provides different services. The services include SEO, SMO, PPC, content marketing, web designing & development, graphic designs.

They can handle any kind of business from small, medium to big organizations. The tailored SEO packages are available as per your budget. Smartways uses the latest techniques and industry trends to build the client’s business.

  • They promise to not only generate leads but also enhance your business growth.
  • The SEO agency and web solution provider.
  • They follow Result-oriented SEO approach.
  • Smartways has handled thousands of clients.
  • The company guarantees growth and 100% visible results.

#5. WebFx- SEO company for driving Results

#5. WebFx- SEO company for driving Results

A leading digital marketing agency to drive more traffic, generate leads and hence more revenue. They have over 275 SEO experts to handle your projects. WebFx uses cutting-edge technology to deliver measurable results for their customers

They have won many awards for their digital marketing services and techniques. They have excelled in different service areas like PPC, SEO, SMM, web designing and development.

WebFx believes in transparency, the clients are given full access to  MarketingCloudFX. The marketing software that tracks every single details of the ongoing SEO campaign.

  • WebFx offers customized marketing plans from SEO to PPC.
  • About $2.5 billion customer revenue and over 6 million leads generated.
  • The company is highly rated and reviewed by more than 600 happy customers.
  • A total of 11.5 transactions generated for their clients

#6. OuterBox- The best company for e-commerce SEO

#6. OuterBox- The best company for e-commerce SEO

Want to optimize e-Commerce search on different search engines? The OuterBox is our top pick. The company focuses on promoting e-commerce brands. Established in 2004, Outerbox earned the entry in the list of Inc. 500 top growing industries. They have served hundreds of clients in many e-commerce sectors.

The company is in partnership with UCFS, NewAir, JetDock and AtlasOil, JetDock. Whether it is WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal or Shopify; OuterBox is the best SEO company for promoting your brand, generating leads and increasing your business value.

  • Their experience and partnership with leading brands speak itself.
  • In Partnership with Google.
  • Best SEO agency for paid promotions.
  • They know how to combine Google Ads campaign and SEO campaign.
  • Customized Web design and development available on customer’s demand.

#7. Neil Patel Digital- SEO Content marketing

#7. Neil Patel Digital- SEO Content marketing

This company delivers top-notch SEO strategies. Content is the king in marketing and that’s what this company focuses at? Neil Patel was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by Obama and again by the United Nations under age 35. Neil Patel is Newyork’s best selling author.

Their content marketing services include Influence marketing, Digital PR, existing content auditing and optimization, content cluster creation and promotion.

  • They guarantee to drive more traffic and business growth.
  • Neil Patel’s company is an expert at creating marketing content.
  • Content marketing drives all other marketing campaigns.
  • They are known for exclusive and innovative SEO strategies.

#8. FATJOE- The best site for acquiring backlinks

#8. FATJOE- The best site for acquiring backlinks

The best SEO company that will build quality backlinks for your website. Link building matters the most while running any SEO campaign. These links will later help Google to decide the credibility or reputation of your site.

FATJOE is the brand that comes to mind when it’s about backlinking. We highly recommend this SEO company. The customer’s get premium access to the tools and a dashboard to track and manage your orders.

  • They guarantee high-quality backlinks.
  • Every other SEO agency turns to FATJOE for link building.
  • FATJOE is the worlds largest outsource link building agency.
  • They have handled more than 5000 clients worldwide.
  • FATJOE has got the highest ratings as 4.5/5 by 97% of the happy customers.

#9. Lyfe Marketing- The best SEO company to manage your Ads!

#9. Lyfe Marketing- The best SEO company to manage your Ads!

It was established in 2011  as a social media advertising company in Atlanta, Georgia. LYFE Marketing company focuses on clients in different sectors like e-commerce, political, restaurants, retail, law, sport, religious, wellness, fitness and health.

Want to improve the visibility of your existing business? Lyfe marketing uses the best SEO, SMO, blogging, email marketing strategies to take your business to another level.

  • The SEO company Boast of having around 69 employees.
  • The company easily manages to hit around $3.2 million USD.
  • They also provide business services like website design, search engine and content creation services.
  • They also provide coaching and consulting services.

#10. Straight North- To make every click count!

#10. Straight North- To make every click count!

Founded in 1997, Straight north is a result-driven internet marketing company with SEO as its small branch. The go-to option for most of the companies who are looking for the best SEO services. Hire them if you want to increase your brand value, image and drive

Straight North is operating in eight locations including Los Angel’s and Newyork. Their other services include PPC, email and content marketing, graphics designing, customized web designing, display advertising and much more!

  • The company focuses more on small and medium business firms to grow.
  • Their services aim to increase more sale and hence more business revenue.
  • The exact SEO service charges depend on the time and type of service the client is looking for.

How do we rank and review the SEO Companies?

We believe in 100% unbiased rankings. Our experts follow strict guidelines and criteria before recommending any SEO company here. We do not just pick any tom & harry company to get listed on our page.

It takes hundreds of hours and efforts to analyze hundreds of SEO companies. Look at the criteria we follow to rank and review these SEO companies!

  • Is the SEO company SSL certified?
  • The website must be mobile-friendly.
  • What SEO practices do they follow?
  • If the SEO firm ranks on google?
  • We checked the companies SEO Performance using Ahrefs.
  • Which strategy do they follow for their own Link building?
  • How well and efficiently they can acquire links?
  • Content Marketing Strategy & Industry Trends.
  • We checked their Domain Rating (DR) and total referral domains.

Good SEO work gets better with time!

Don’t rush to improve your website’s visibility. As a good SEO works often get better with time. Moreover, if you are working with genuine and reputed companies there is nothing to worry about.

All our listed top 10 SEO companies only use whitehat SEO techniques and google’s guidelines. The mission is not just to stuff keywords to improve your ranking. Good SEO work will automatically enhance your business growth and brand value. 

A genuine SEO company will never boast of success overnight, they focus more on available opportunities to drive organic traffic, generate leads and a better ROI.

Need any help to select the best SEO Company?

We can assist you in finding top-notch SEO companies and connect directly with companies that suit your project requirements. 

To discuss the budget and other specifications like timeline, business goals etc. you can talk to us at  No obligations!