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Internet Marketing: Something Every Entrepreneur Should Familiar With

I remember in the 90s when everyone was investing in online businesses in a hurry. Then, some online leaders started emerging in the early 2000s such as Google, Amazon, and so on. At that point, many of us felt that we had missed the internet shower of money.

However, most of the newcomers now realize that is not at all the case. The competition goes on! Small and large businesses need internet marketing not only to sell products or services online but also to advertise their local businesses in a targeted manner.

Digital marketing is an essential part of both bricks and mortar business as well as a purely online business, and it will continue to reward those who carve out new niches as we move into the future.

There are three essential aspects of digital marketing that I want to emphasize the importance of which for every business: (1) Search Engine Optimization or SEO; (2) paid advertising; and (3) Social Media Marketing or SMM.

SEO takes more time than paid advertising, but it is well worth the investment, especially for smaller businesses. The goal of Melbourne SEO services is to get one’s website to the first page of search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and of course the holy grail, Google.

The way this goal is accomplished is by connecting links from other sites to one’s site and vice versa. It is also accomplished by designing one’s website to have the right keywords that mirror the keywords in the ideal search for their goods or services.

Internet Marketing for Entrepreneur
The exciting part of SEO for the future is that both businesses and consumers will benefit from the way SEO is structured. In order to improve a business’s chances of appearing on the first page of Google, the digital marketer must make the website extremely specific to its niche.This requires written words that Google robots search and algorithms organize in highly efficient and specific ways.

This is beneficial to the savvy business that has a product or service and knows how to condense it into a specifically worded niche. This is also beneficial to the consumer because when they search for a specific good or service, they will find exactly what they are looking for.

As I anticipate the future developments of this SEO process, I am extremely optimistic about how this process will both specialize knowledge (mirroring the academic process) and expedite business transactions for the benefit of all.

SEO a best practiceThis is why SEO is so very important today in 2017 and will only become more important as we move forward. The internet is not going away; it is just coming up.

The second aspect of digital marketing that is so important for business and the consumer is paid to advertise. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Google had much less stringent standards for approving websites for the Google Adwords paid advertising venue.

Today in 2017, the standards are much more strict, and they raise serious questions about the legitimacy of a private company having so much influence over the way the Internet functions.

Google now filters out websites that do not meet some arguably arbitrary standards such as not enough written content on a site, or a site making what they deem to be false promises, or what is more legally known as “high-pressure sales tactics.”

The problem with this process is that it is not legal professionals who evaluate the legitimacy of a website’s promises, but Google bureaucrats. This is aside from my point.

Once a website approved by the Adwords team (who I call upon to make their evaluation process more transparent), one can pay to have his website on the first page of Google.

While this route can be expensive, it can save a startup a lot of time by skipping the SEO process of backlinking. This second aspect of digital marketing is of great importance, and I am eager to see how it evolves in the future with Google standards.

The third important aspect of digital marketing is what is sometimes capitalized, Social Media Marketing or SMM. This is a relatively ineffective method for the greater number of businesses, and it is easy to understand why: people do not go to social media websites to make a purchase.

When I want to buy something I go to Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon, and so on. I go to Facebook to socialize, and most people do just for that reason alone.

However, even though SMM is harder for business, it is not impossible to craft a successful campaign. One can combine socializing with paid advertising in SMM to promote goods or services that are amenable to social interests. One fine example of this might be charitable donations. Social media is a great place to promote philanthropy, and philanthropic endeavors are critical to making the world a better place!

In this way, this third aspect of digital marketing is significant for the world. Perhaps the best way to leverage SMM is a third party that can do it professionally.


These three aspects of digital marketing offer insights into the true importance of online marketing both for today and for the future. Online marketing for business can utilize (1) SEO in the long-term; (2) paid advertising for boosts in traffic, and (3) SMM on a regular basis to stay connected to one’s target audience.

These three aspects are vital to every business that is serious about its growth. The first and third aspects are especially time-consuming, and for that reason, it is advised that a business hires a Melbourne professional marketing company for maximum returns.

For those firms that see this vital importance of digital marketing as I have mapped it out here, hiring a professional third party is clearly the right choice.