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Generate more leads with our efficient business marketing plans

Want to promote your law firm online? Be an established online legal adviser by leveraging quality SEO for your law business. Our local SEO techniques in Melbourne will optimize your website and increase your law firm visibility in google organically. Thus attracting more clients, generating more inbound leads and high business revenue.

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Want to get recognized as the leading Law firm online?

Increase Number of Clients with our SEO for lawyers/Attorney services

Most of the legal clients search on Google or other search engines to get information and legal advice. If your Law firm website contains all the vital and genuine information, people will visit your site again and again. Thus increasing your website credibility and authority. We optimize your website’s on-page/off-page activities to improve visibility among local searches. Once Google finds out organic traffic and indexed content on your site. You’ll automatically rank higher in SERPs. SEO for a Law Firm in Melbourne is a smart investment that continues to pay for months and years. SEO is proven to give 1000% better results than any other practice.

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Why SEO For Lawyers/Attorneys is essential?

Getting traffic is one thing but getting the relevant traffic is challenging. That’s what SEO for law firms does for you! Seo by specific industry helps potential customers to reach your website directly. All this process is natural and no paid advertising is used. No doubt, SEO does take some time but once google notices your site credibility, high-quality external linking and unique content. Your site’s ranking will be automatically boosted. Take a look at other benefits!

  • Our white hat SEO techniques will improve your online presence
  • Unlike PPC(pay per click), SEO services give long-term results.
  • More phone calls and queries on contact forms.
  • Most of the clients look for online attorneys/lawyers for their legal cases.
  • SEO for legal business helps to get you recognition online.

So if you wish to rank at the top of the google searches, leverage the SEO services to compete with other law firms already ranking at higher positions.

Why Should You hire Smartways’ SEO for Legal services?

Why Should You hire Smartways’ SEO for Legal services?

Smartways marketing, Melbourne is an expert SEO services provider based on your niche domain. Our digital marketing professionals ensure that our law firm clients get a consistent flow of legal cases online. We know that each website is unique. Our SEO legal experts start with understanding your business goals. So, we offer a customized SEO plan for your law business analyzing the competition in the online market. Some of our legal SEO services include:

  • Local & Global SEO
  • On-Site/Off-Site optimization
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Link & Citation Building
  • Optimizing Conversion rate
  • SMM, SMO etc.

How Our Legal SEO Services can benefit your business?

Investment in SEO is called a smart investment. The benefit you’ll gain from SEO is worth spending every single penny. Our local SEO experts in Melbourne focus more on targetting the industry based keywords to improve your visibility in local searches and google maps. We aim not only to drive the traffic but also to increase your business revenue or yearly income. SEO includes optimizing your site that will make it more user-friendly, mobile-friendly and google friendly.

Top 5 Essentials for a Successful Legal SEO

SEO work is called successful when visitors start getting converted into clients. The customer is everything in SEO. SEO is not about having detailed knowledge of technical aspects. SEO experts must be smart enough to judge the intent of the consumer. It’s about knowing your customer’s behaviour and meeting their demand. Good SEO work takes determination, consistency and hard work. Look at the few following factors!

Content: Check your marketing skills, if the words have the convincing power to bring potential consumers on the site.

Is your site user-friendly? Make sure the content is simple, informative and genuine. Your site must be capable of engaging the users for more time.

Website structure: It’s about your legal website’s technical details or off-page optimization, graphics, videos, sound etc.

Compliance – Does your website follow the technical google guidelines? Analyze your website to make sure it doesn’t face any Google penalties.

Authority – How unique, trustworthy and authoritative your website is comparing to other legal firms online? 

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Smartways’s Exclusive SEO Services for Legal / Law-Firms


Expand your business online with our tailored Digital marketing solutions!


Attract more legal clients on your website with our SEO attorney services. Our experts will help you acquire quality external links. Thus increasing traffic on your law firm website.

Law Firms

Boost your website visibility and business value. With our result-oriented SEO legal services and effective SEO techniques and tactics, we guarantee 100% satisfactory results.


Get a robust online presence in the market and increased ROI. SEO for lawyers is the best practice to establish your unique identity and exclusive services.

Family Law Firm

Want to land your family law firm on the first page of google? Smartways’ Local SEO services enhance your visibility & generate more clients and queries on the contact form.

Divorce Lawyer

Wish to rank at #1 position in google as Top divorce lawyer? Be a leading legal advisor of divorce cases. Our SEO for divorce lawyers will help you get more phone calls.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Most of the people in Melbourne google search for a personal injury lawyer. Hire smartways if you wish to rank at higher positions in SERPs and attract more clients.

Are you struggling to get more relevant traffic?

Check if your legal company is facing any of the following issues?

  No online exposure
Not getting phone calls and queries
Keywords are ranking nowhere
Facing Google penalties

Did You Know that?

“Unlike other industries, Legal businesses can get long-term clients. To be ahead in the competition, your law firm website must rank at the top positions on local searches. It should be easily trackable on Google maps. That’s what SEO does for you! As per a recent survey in Melbourne, about 85% of legal clients prefer google searches to book their appointments. Rest it depends on your services. if the clients are satisfied they will revisit you.

SEO has become vital to compete with already established legal organizations. It doesn’t matter if you are a small, medium or a big organization. SEO works on the simple logic; more the visibility, more are the leads and hence better yearly income. The SEO by industry helps to reach potential and genuine clients on your website than any other marketing methods.”

Top 5 reasons why your website is still struggling on google
Stats & Facts for SEO specific Industry 2021

#5 Important Facts about Legal SEO

SEO is the perfect solution for your law firm business. No marketing strategy can be as effective as SEO result-oriented services. Take a look at the important SEO facts about the legal sector as per National law review!

About 51% of legal firms get clients through organic research.

87% of users search for legal firms from their smartphones.

The website content and backlinking of your law firm website have a long-lasting impact.

Using black hat SEO techniques will blacklist your law firm forever.

74% of legal customers visit law firm websites to take action.

96% of people use search engines for legal advice.

We hope these need to know facts and small tweaks will boost your law business exposure. SEO for lawyers/ attorneys has also become a competitive vertical. So it matters; which agency you are hiring to expand your legal business?

Want to be #1 Law Firm on google searches?

Whether it’s about keyword ranking, online presence, content marketing, website optimization or Social media exposure. Our SEO agency for legal firms looks after every aspect to build your business online. Applying generic SEO tactics to all the companies are bygones now. Google is evolving each passing day. So it’s important that your site must be handled by SEO experts, have authoritative content to earn the trust of legal clients.

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We at Smartways marketing deliver quality SEO services for your legal company. Our local SEO experts in Melbourne make sure to give you satisfactory results before the deadline. Contact us now to discuss your legal business requirements and goals. You can also discuss your budget and other doubts. Our experts will make customized and effective SEO proposals for your law firm. Hire Smartways’ SEO agency for a law firm and get a free analysis of your website. No obligations!

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