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SEO FOR Hotels & Restaurants

Enhance your Business visibility with our digital marketing strategies

Want to promote your hotels & restaurants in Melbourne online? Well. internet marketing has the huge potential to make you a recognized and reputed hotel brand. Earn more clients, sales and higher ROI. SEO for Hotels & restaurants helps you create a unique identity of your business with a strong online presence.

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WORRIED ABOUT your hotel business’ Increasing competition and decreasing revenues?

Looking for better ways to expand your hotels & restaurant business?

Well, Smartways marketing is the best solution to expand your business online! We provide customized SEO by industry proposals to rank your business higher in SERPs with more benefits.

Hundreds to Millions of people are searching for’ best hotels and restaurants’. on Google or other search engines. The intent is to get the best hotel services. So, the question arises how to reach potential customers?it becomes the hotel owner’s responsibility to think about how we can attract more customers on the hotel’s website. So, let us tell you SEO is the best possible solution to promote your business online. SEO for hotels & restaurants will drive the right and relevant traffic on your website. SEO helps to optimize your website that will engage the customer for a longer period and hence better conversion rates. If you wish to see your hotel or restaurant business ranking on #1 position in google. Hire smartways, the best SEO agency to increase your brand exposure, generate new leads and better annual income.

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Why is SEO essential for your Food/beverages Business?

Like you, various other hotels and restaurants are trying to get noticed to earn more clients and sales. Well, there is fierce competition in this commercial sector. almost every hotel & restaurant wants to get the

#1 position on google. That’s where SEO comes into play!
SEO for hotel help to establish your business online with their digital marketing tactics. SEO focuses to increase your business visibility. It involves targeting your niche based keywords, external link building, website optimization, unique content creation, and so on. SEO works on a simple principle, what‘s visible more, sells more! So, SEO has become essential to make your hotels visible in the top searches of google.

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Why Should You Hire Smartways’ SEO for Hotels and Restaurants?

Food and beverage industry is a competitive vertical. It’s not easy to run and establish your new hotel/ restaurant in this digital era. Everything is available at your doorstep. SEO is the solution. let us tell you any random and general SEO tactics won’t work now. As Google is evolving each passing day and has become strict and smarter. Only the licensed, reputed hotels/ restaurants with exclusive services, trustworthy reviews can rank at the top position of google. It has become very challenging to get noticed on the top 3 positions of Google and not every SEO firm that claims to be the best one is best. Let us tell you why smartways is the best SEO agency to expand your hotel business online!

  • 10X more engaging customers
  • More brand exposure on Social media
  • Guest posting
  • Website optimization
  • Creating unique content
  • Better ROI (return on investment)and conversion rate.

How Our Effective SEO hotel & restaurant services can benefit your business?

Our SEO professional team implement only proven digital marketing strategies and tactics based on your specific industry. It’s very challenging to rank your website higher in search engines among already established hotel businesses. Whether it’s about keyword ranking, organic traffic or social media exposure. We take in pride telling you that everything is possible with our result-oriented SEO services.

5 Proven Strategies for Realtors

How we Achieve it?

First and foremost, our local SEO experts will discuss your business goals and monetary aspects. Then we’ll start analyzing competition in hotel/restaurants digital market. Based on our analysis we’ll run an SEO campaign with a proper work proposal. We’ll handover a detailed transparent report of our step by step ongoing SEO processes. Take a look at the benefits you’ll gain from SEO services for your food beverage company!

  • SEO increases your web presence, search engine rankings and organic traffic on your hotel/restaurant website.
  • SEO is proven to be 1000 times better than any other social marketing tactics like PPC, social media services.
  • You’ll get great brand exposure, increased brand recognition and high business revenue.
  • We assure to outrank other competitors making your hotel website rank at higher positions in SERPs.
  • SEO has the potential to turn visitors into customers and driving the relevant customers on your website to access your hotel services.
  • We acquire quality links for front end as well as back end.

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Hotel & Restaurant SEO services

To bring your Hotel website on top of SERPs

Smartways is the best platform for Industry-specific SEO services. Our internet marketing strategies focus on driving the relevant traffic on your website. Thus benefitting you with a better ROI and great yearly income.

Hotel SEO

Wish to grab #1 position in google searches. Attract more customers and more benefit hiring smartways as your SEO partner.

Motel SEO

Doesn’t matter if you are new or have an existing motel website? Our Local SEO experts in Melbourne will help to create the unique identity of your motels.

Restaurant SEO

Are you a restaurant owner? Want to get noticed online and generate more leads? We have expert SEO solutions to improve your restaurant’s credibility.

Pubs & beer bar SEO

Want more customers to visit your beer bar & pub in Melbourne. Our Local SEO is the solution to get higher ranking and improved visibility online.

Struggling To get relevant traffic

Check if you are facing any below issues:

Poor online presence
No keyword ranking
Poor backlinking
No visible results after efforts
Fewer leads and contact queries

Did you know that?

SEO is not about stuffing keywords and building backlinks. The scenario has changed completely nowadays with the increasing demand for digital marketing. If you want to rule the hotel and restaurant business, you must keep on doing good SEO work for your website. SEO is infinite with endless solutions to rank at the top, generate more leads and increase your business revenue. Google keeps on updating its algorithms for a better user experience. A good SEO work automatically is appreciated and honoured by google. It’s the algorithm that needs to update not a good SEO work. SEO for hotel & restaurant business is essential to reach potential customers. More the visibility, more will be the visitors and hence more number of leads.”

Top 5 reasons why your website is still struggling on google
Stats & Facts for SEO specific Industry 2021

Crucial Facts About Hotel & Restaurant SEO

Investment in SEO for food and beverage business is known as a smart and cost-effective investment.

CTR(click-through-rate) of organic results is better than paid advertisements.

Only 0.78% of Google searchers visited the second page of search results.

The latest trends in SEO 2021 reveals that 27% of people prefer voice searches and digital assistants like Google, Alexa to look for best hotels.

More than 50% of searches on google are zero clicked.

About 93% of online activities start from the search engines.

If the intent is right, a keyword with less volume can also increase business revenue.

Google loves unique content. So, make sure the content must be authentic and informative.

Influencer SEO marketing helps you reach potential customers.

Outrank other Hotel business Competitors!

SEO has the power to stand out your hotel & restaurant business in such a fierce competition. Don’t let your customers visit other competitors. Looking for a reputed and expert SEO agency for mobile and web solutions. Start Strategizing your SEO Hotel & restaurant plan with smartways marketing now to get the long-term results.

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Smartways is a comprehensive digital marketing agency in Melbourne from over a decade. We use the latest digital techniques and strategies to rank your hotel business higher in SERPs with a strong online presence on different social media platforms. It doesn’t matter if you are new or have already landed in the market. With our result-driven SEO services and experienced local SEO team, We guarantee to deliver 100% effective result for your hotel & restaurant business in Melbourne. Contact us now at +(61) 3 9005 8384 to get a free estimate of your SEO work plan!

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